Free Windows 10 Upgrade, from Window 7 or 8.1 - For RM 3.0

  • So far, I only had to upgrade a driver for a gaming controller. My games and other programs seem to working fine. I still need to try my Blu-ray disc writing software.

    All-in-all, this was the quickest and easiest uprgrade/full install I have ever done. Thankful for that.

    One thing I like off-the-bat was how easy it is to use the new-ish taskbar volume mixer for doing cover songs. I can have the DAW output to studio monitors while the youtube playback is going out to my desktop monitors with just 2 mouse clicks instead of opening several pages of settings like before on WIn 7.

    That Windows 10 start menu is just awful though. <X

    I would highly recommend the upgrade.

  • That Windows 10 start menu is just awful though. <X

    That's easy to solve. Install "Open Shell". Done. Then you have your Win7 menu back with almost all details.

    Personally I thought similar in the beginning with Win10 but meanwhile I like the start menu in Win10 better. Sometimes the change needs some time. But overall I was certainly one of the guys who did the upgrade quite late but like it now super much. Stable and convenient for me, especially on my music production machines :thumbup:8)

  • For those interested, I often have issues with Windows updating itself and breaking things (DAW, Adobe Apps, random off things I use.)

    I installed a small firewall called Tinywall that stops all internet traffic unless I explicitly allow it. Therefore I can allow my Audio programs to call home if they need to, I can use the browser if I need to, but Windows cannot call home and cannot update, period.

    I've tried MANY other ways to get Windows to not update and all have failed eventually. My desktop machines that I use daily for audio and video production have not updated for at least 2 years and still work just like they did when I got them running.

    Windows 10 is fine, I don't notice it any better or worse than previous versions. I dragged my feet updating from 8 because of the auto updates and they screwed me more than once. Now I'm in control of that again and it is working fine.

  • Like you, I periodically have Windows update break things that were working just fine before MS decided to "fix" things for me without my consent. I truly dislike automatic updates and can't imagine why there aren't people in front of MS offices with torches and pitchforks.

    I've often wondered about doing this exact sort of thing but thought it would become a massive time suck of constantly fighting with Windows over blocking their phone home tactics (ala, "I fought the law and the law won..."). If a whitelist firewall philosophy doesn't break Windows, I may have to give that a shot myself.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • I have not had a "broken DAW cos of windows updates" in almost 2 years,
    i turn off all feature updates and only have the important microsoft and security updates.
    on top of that i turn off everything that has not to to with audio and i use recommended Windows10 DAW optimization .
    the one from avid is good and ill leave the link bellow.
    i also turn of every " C states" in Bios.
    and lastly, i like using the tool from O&O called ShutUp10,
    i am lazy and would rather spend time as a musician than an IT personnel digging into registry and firewalls and watnot to stabilize my DAW.
    so this tool comes in handy for that. ill leave the link bellow.…shooting/Windows-10-Guide