a way to manage CABS with the new editor

  • It took at least 10 min to figure it out from scratch, but here is how I swap cab between rigs :

    1. Browse to the rig you want to steal the cab, from your profiler or rig manager
    2. Highlight it's cab in the editor by hovering over the cab icon in the editor
    3. drag it to to 'All presets' then 'local library' , this way you store your cab as a new preset ( cab category )
    4. Then switch to whatever rig you want, then double click on your cab preset from 'All presets' then 'local library' to load it.

    Alternatively , you can drag from preset to CAB icon if double click in unreliable ( happens often on me)

    you're done :)

    drawbacks : you cannot switch cab presets with arrows or enter key :( , maybe soon ?