Rig Manager V 3.x Beta Suggestions

  • The editor is great but I have some suggestions :

    1. Switch modes (browse , performance ) via editor with selecting some performance on Profiler performances section .

    2. Tuner option (maybe under the tools menu) and again it needs to change KPA mode

    3. Simple clear graphics parametric EQ(metal DS) curve window under knobs - with movable points (up/down for dB, left/right for Frequency , mouse scroll for Q width) and another color curve for (if is_morph !=false) morphed values.

    4. Similiar curve for CAB frequency response in CAB module (maybe in WAH module?)

    5. Implementation of profiler mode (tools menu)

    7. Visual : change FX routing bar with parallel path

    8. MIDI assigment options (PC change in performance/browse mode, another column with browse mode with PC numbers) and MIDI ports routing options

    These extra thoughts that cross my mind (not very serious ;) )

    9. Export IR from CAB to wav file for use with plugin convolvers.

    10. Spectrum corrector/editor for amp/cab modules

  • I'm sure the focus for now will be sorting out the beta bugs but I'll go ahead and chip in with a few suggestions for future releases.

    • Add Browser/Perform toggle
    • Add morph toggle
    • Show numeric values when adjusting morph parameters
    • Allow precise numeric values to be typed in
    • Assign Stage stomp buttons to effects from within editor
    • display/edit actual preset/cab/amp names in signal chain (or at least display when hovering)
    • strobo tuner popup and/or live tuner display showing what the main unit show (sharp/flat) with sweetened/alternate tunings
    • show EQs in graphic display (or at least hover with graphic display)
    • stereo processing - separate amps in each side mergable by morph
    • cappuccino maker (or at least espresso)
  • Mine are more focussed on setting up for live:

    Assigning effects to the remote

    Better workflow for Morph - setting it up, switching between the 2 settings, control for morph speed etc all to hand. I know you can do most of this now but its not as intuitive as it could be for such an important feature.

  • numeric values highlight in red if you have moved value from saved or default value. This will make it easier to see what components in a rig you have adjusted, in case you need to set them back before you save.