[RM3] Windows 7 support!!

  • They are not the only one how stop supporting Win7 and you will see this more often in the next 2 years. An actual example: Presonus DAW Studio One has released it's last Win7 version, all new versions will be Win10 and I have several more companies which has also announced this. I was also very happy with Win7 and I hate changing OS when everything works but there are two options, live with what you have (which is sometimes not the worst decision) or go with the new one.

  • They are not going to write new software that supports a soon to be deprecated OS. If you're not upgrading your OS, there will be tons of new programs that wont work soon.

    +1 for this request. Kemper has been clear from the outset that there wouldn't be a Win7 version, but I'm hoping against hope they'll change their minds. There are plenty of developers who are still supporting Win7. Universal Audio just released the Windows OX app a few months ago, and it's Win7–10. That said, for me, the Editor is reason enough alone to consider updating/dual-booting a newer OS.