Replicate this UA OX delay set-up?

  • Hi,

    I have been having tremendous guitar fun today...especially when I listened to some Van Halen and set about making the 'main guitar panned slightly left - effects panned slightly right' effect...I haven't enjoyed my wildly woo's this much at home for a LONG time!!

    How can I best replicate this with Kemper?

    I play a stereo set-up, and often the venues we play have a stereo PA. I can do this in the DAW - so more interested in how this would be set-up fully internally in the Kemper.

    Screenshot for panning of GTRS and panning of Delay.

    PRS Custom 22's - PRS 594 - Diezel VH4 - Carol Ann OD2 - Colin the Kemper - CLR Neo ii.