Monitor Volume Greyed

  • I don't know, what kind of reset you are referring to!?

    If I press "Init Globals" at my Stage under OS 7.1.7 it sets source of Monitor Output to "Master Stereo".

    Could it be, that you are restoring a backup taken on a classical PROFILER model? There are two parallel Monitor Output source settings, one applies if Monitor Stereo is not activated (which is the default in classical models), the other applies, if Monitor Stereo is activated (which is an option for classical PROFILER models and a must at the Stage. Therefor the option Monitor Stereo doesn't even appear in the menu at the Stage.

  • I can't remember that I pressed "Init Globals". Also I didn't backup anything.

    After the update to 7.1.5 or 7.1.7 my monitor settings were completely resetted.

    This wasn't bad, cause I practiced that day for myself in my room. But on a gig day that wouldn't be so nice.

    But on a gig day I would not upate to a beta version ^^

    All the same, now I took pictures from the global settings. If there's a fault in the future, I can find it quick. Possibly :)

  • Don't you own a classical PROFILER as well? Have you restored a backup taken from that classical PROFILER on your new Stage? I'm assuming that is, where the issue might have been originated. These backups are 99% compatible, but there has been an issue in an earlier OS 7 version to interpret the source associated with Monitor Output in mono (which is default at the classical PROFILER models), if restored on a Stage with Monitor Stereo by definition.

  • The initial video is referring to a Stage. And that issue might be specific to the Stage as its output source mechanics are different, because its MONITOR OUTPUT is physically stereo . For Stage I would recommend to check Output Source, update to 7.1.5 release, and if that still doesn't help, press "Init Globals". Perhaps this issue is a left over of an earlier Stage software revision.

    I'm not aware of any scenario, where the Monitor Output settings were changed during an upgrade of classical models. But classical PROFILER models offer the option to use the MONITOR OUTPUT in mono or pair it with the DIRECT OUTPUT (Monitor Stereo). Two different output sources are associated with those modes of operation. So, if you activate or deactivate Monitor Stereo, the source changes and the grey state would follow.