Big Profile Session.

  • Was late getting back to work after playing these profiles...amazing work..really appreciate the time spent to make them! :D

  • Hi Guys... First post on this forum.
    Thanks to And44's profiles, I am now Kemper Junkie!!

    These profiles are HANDS DOWN the best available so far.... KILLER JOB!
    Paypal donation on it's way from me...
    Hey everyone! Show this guy some love and send him a few bucks! Whatever you can afford...
    Do you realize how much time, effort and great GEAR he put together to make these profiles,? and he didn't ask for donations!!
    That's what I call CLASS...

    Patiently awaiting the next batch... ;)

    Thanks again!


  • I'm digging all the MS67xxx patches. I assume this is the '67 Plexi Marshall. May I kindly ask which Plexi it is exactely? Could be a JTM 45/100, an early JMP, Super Lead or Super Bass. I'd really like to know more about the specific amp. With a greenback cab it sounds much like Paul Kossoff.

  • Late to this party - been busy lately but tried these out and every last one of them are great. I think it was a combination of the new firmware update and all these rigs but I was loving it. I think the multiple mic setup made for a very nice balance. It seemed like there are just more natural overtones going on too for some reason. Whatever it is - "Thank you" for putting these together for us. :thumbsup:

    "Tone is in the fingers" is not a necessary response to anything that I might type on any internet forum threads. Thank you.

  • I never knew much about those Blackstar amps, but I'm loving the profiles of them with and without the pedals. That Clean 2 is a great medium drive sound for blues stuff on the neck pick-up of my strat. I replaced a two-rock sound I was using with that. Really nice.