Trouble with the Rig Manager

  • Hey Folks,

    I have some trouble with the Rig Manager.

    1. I'd run it several times now... he is always trying to download allt he rigs. it stops somewhere (downloading 750 from 1481 e.g.)

    2. After once started and colsed the Manager, i have to resatrt my computer to start the Manager again. There is no chance to start it again though.

    Reinstalling the software changed nothing... am i alone with that?

  • Hi, welcome and have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper.

    Luckily I had never such a problem as you describe it. The stuff runs pretty solid whereby I am still running Windows 7, OS 6.0 and RigManager 2.1.74.

    Did you upgrade to latest versions of Kemper Firmware and appropriate RigManager?

    Maybe it would be of help for the community to better understand the circumstances if you mention your OS, RM version, FW version etc.