Simple Footswitch for the KPA

  • Hey fellow KPA users,

    the time has finally come and my Profiler is about to hit the stage after 2 years of only using it in the home studio. For this purpose I'm looking for a simple Footswitch that just allows me to switch between about 4 Rigs during the complete gig (slap, distorted, clean, clean with reverb and chorus etc.). Its not a must but would be fine if there is a button which allows me to turn on / off a certain effect like a compressor that would be all the time located on "Effect D" on all rigs.

    So what it should look like:

    Switch A -> Always switches to Rig 1
    Switch B -> Always switches to Rig 2
    Switch C -> Always switches to Rig 3
    Switch D -> Always switches to Rig 4
    Switch E -> Turns on /off a certain effect always on "Effect D"

    I've heared of the Behringer FCB1010 and the Harley Benton MP-100. Are they worth the money or is one superior to the other? Is there an alternative that I missed?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Welcome and have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper.

    I'd say any decent Midi controller should do this. Maybe with exception of the last bit, i.e. switching on the effect. This can be done with a separate foot switch. I used a Boss FC50 and a Nobels foot switch for a short time.

    Finally I bought the Kemper Remote because it can do all this and so much more. I can't imagine how to gig without it. So much benefit for full control of the Kemper.

    Anyway the FCB1010 has a mod available called "Uno chip" which enables more control for the Kemper. Easy to google and find out. Personally I'd go for the remote because of the added value.

  • Thanks for all the kidn answers! Seems like there will be a FCB1010 under the christmas tree this year :D Just one more thing regarding the UnO Chip: Is this one pretty easy to install or do I need some special information for that?