Global Performance Edit Mode

  • maybe im doing something wrong but if i jump between rigs in a performance i always loose all changes. Why is it necessary to save every single rig seperately.

    Wouldnt it be more convinient if you cant edit and switch whatever/wherever you want in a performance and the just press save once at the end.

    If i for example need to adjust the volume or setting in a performance i need to press save 5 times which is a hassle. It would just ease the workflow. Sure this is also

    not possible in RM3

  • I have an issue with Performance Mode as well. If I am in a performance and change the knob to browse mode briefly to try out a different rig and then go back to Performance mode it overwrites my saved performance with the rig I selected in Browse without having any intention of or even being prompted to save the performance with the rig selected in browser mode. This drives me nuts. To the point I don’t even trust keeping my remote plugged in at home if I want to use browser mode because it will screw up my performances.

  • I am a newbie. Just got a Stage. I am trying to really understand how the Performance Mode editing works. Please correct me if I misstate anything. First the instant you touch anything the edit indicator comes on (the “E” appears). That E doesn’t disappear even if I save the performance as long as I stay on that performance. Not sure that is by design but I do think it should be reset after a save, even if I stay put. Based on one of the replies, are you saying that you can stay in a Performance and change Slots without losing edit changes in the previous slot by not using a footswitch, instead using soft page buttons?

  • Kemper Perform Mode

    Stage update to version

    Sorry to be so wordy. Maybe this can help others. This is how I have come to understand how Perform Mode works. I am a Newbie but I am reading the manual, watching tutorials and YouTubes, and have done a lot of systematic testing and experimenting.

    Perform Mode is meant for efficiently accessing rigs with all associated effects, morphs etc in logical sequences as needed for live or recording situations.

    When you turn the Stage on it comes up in the same mode and state as when you last shut down (i.e. active Performance/Slot with pending edits). In all cases, pending edits must be saved via the STORE button (through to the Stored! verification message). Note: After seeing posts suggesting edits may be unintentionally saved by Footswitching but not by pressing PAGE buttons or vice versa. This only pertains to pending changes within a Performance not permanently storing changes (as described below).

    Performances can be changed via soft controls (the TYPE knob) or Footswiches UP/DOWN). When changing Performances (by either means) the Footswitch lights (with active Slots) and the EXIT (“back-hook” button) light will blink. This indicates that you can press EXIT or the step on the TAP Footswitch to abort the selection, or select an active Slot within the newly selected Performance (via a Footswitch 1-5, or by pressing the TYPE knob which will select the first active Slot.

    I would describe the Performance Mode as having 2 different ”Views”: a Browse/Edit View and a Perform View. From a conceptual perspective, think of the Browse/Edit View as the means by which to create, edit and view all the details of your Performances and Slots therein. In this view (mode) you can do everything with the knobs and buttons on the top half of the Stage (except assigning Footswitches I-IIII to effects and/or Morph functionality to Slot Footswitches if not utilizing an expression pedal). To avoid confusion, I would suggest you avoid using the Footswitches while you are setting up your Performances and Slots as much as possible.

    Browse/Edit View (mode): appears when a Performance/Slot is selected via the TYPE knob / PAGE buttons (or by pressing EXIT (“back-hook” button) from the Perform View). This view shows information used to edit Performance Slots and the Rigs therein. Modules in focus (blinking) stay in focus in other Slots within the Performance selected via a Footswitch 1-5. Note: The display remains in focused on the selected module until you press EXIT. Tone changes made in Edit Mode stay pending in their respective Slot as long as you stay in Edit Mode, meaning Slots were selected via the PAGE buttons. Again, Slot changes made via a Footswitch will discard tone changes, but so put the display into the Perform View.

    The “E” (Edited) indicator (Browse/Edit View only) appears after a few seconds of a Performance being selected (about 9 seconds), even without doing anything. The E indicator stays on even immediately after Storing (saving) a Performance. I WONDER IF IS THIS WORKING CORRECTLY? I for one would appreciate an explanation from Kemper as to the purpose and value of the E indicator.

    Perform View (mode): appears when a Performance/Slot is selected via the UP/DOWN and 1-5 Footswitches. This view is great for seeing the active Performance: Name, Slots (and which is active), and the active

    Slot’s Modules (content and which are On/Off) all at once. Slot/Rig tone controls settings appear for a few seconds above the soft knobs (under the display) by turning any one of those knobs. Note: This view does NOT have an “E” indication.

    Note about Slot Names: When Storing Performances, Slot names are not changed. Slot names must be specifically and separately renamed if wanted (consistent with naming options utilized).