How Kemper 2 could offer mutli setting amps profiles without laborious process ("AKC" tech)

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    I had a dream... Of profiling my amp BUT including combination of 20 values of gain (or 22!), different EQ-Presence settings combinations and why not different master volume...

    1- We know profiles are very light files, easy to switch between for the kemper so having a "multi-profile" could be possible, with for example 10,000 profiles for all combinations (gains, eq, mics etc) in just one simple multi-profile.

    2- Using the profiler would be more accurate when changing gain, eq, as the profiles would automatically change, maybe with morph between them to avoid jumps in values, with an accuracy percentage level showing

    3- BUT HOW make so much profiles without becoming crazy??!!!

    My solution is simple =

    Kemper 2 would be shipped with an AKC "Automatic Knob Controler" who would change automatically and physically the value of the knob, turning them with a little motor on a little device you'll put on the knobs. Would cost nearly nothing! Kemper 2 could operate them to scan all the settings progressively on a automatic process (spending 20 hours for multi-profiling amp for example)

    4- We can imagine a "auto-refine with a similar device attached to the guitar to refine automatically each profile with a similar motorised process)

    That would allow the kemper user to simplify profiles storage and search in a seamlessly process. Would act like a real amp when turning the knobs!

    it could be an option for guys who offer professional profiles as well.

    Kemper II must innovate. This would be a great feature and would simplify our lives.

    What do you think?