Rig Manager the Folders and Folders question

  • So I searched but theres some pretty old threads.

    Curious to hear how yall organize your rigs within the local library...obviously in my profiler they are just dumped in there.

    But would like to hear others organization tactics. As there is no correct or incorrect way. ..just to spark discussion.

    I start with a base of Organizing by Amp Manufactures. Then If I had a specific collection with many commercial amps I might just dump them in the commercial author. So I combine by looking something like this.

    - Boogie

    - Bogner

    - ChopTones

    - SinMix

    - STLTones

    ---- AndreWade

    - TopJimi

    The search function is fabulous as you then can specifically call up something quick but what do yall do?

    Then the Kicker what Ive been doing its Previewing my Top 5 presets from a particular amp And then I Dump Those into a Performance...like

    - MK2C+

    - JP2C

    - Laney

    - VH4

    - Satan

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