MIDI control of Rigs and Performances

  • I believe there are people using a PC or Mac with a DAW to send midi using tracks.

    I use an Android tablet and a bluetooth midi adapter to change performance/slots per song.

    Thanks. That helps a little although I am unsure of what you are describing. I am currently playing in a show with a lot of rig changes needed. I was curious to see if it would be possible to order all my rigs sequentially and simply step through them one by one with a single switch as opposed to having to constantly change up and down between different performances and rigs. Particularly as I am working in a pit in a crampt space where it is not easy to have the remote at my feet. I was thinking of a simple advance/step back button?

  • I was able to do this literally 5 minutes ago...

    1 - In "Performance Mode"to increment and decrement performances...

    Midi CC#48 and Midi CC#49 (#49 is decrementing and #48 is incrementing/going from performance 1 to performance 2 is an example)...

    2 - Also, I just got it to go through the different slots in a performance (Perfrormance 1, slot 1/2/3/4/5)... by using CC#50 - to CC#54.

    ie CC#50 loads slot 1 in that performance, CC#51 loads slot 2, CC#52 loads slot 3, CC#53 loads slot 4, and CC#54 loads slot 5...

    3 - My next task(s) is to see if I can figure out a way to toggle between performance and browser mode, THEN, I'll figure out how to increment and decrement rigs in browser mode... Rock-on!...

  • What we call the relative method to load Performances and Slots had been designed for foot controllers with limited capabilities and memory. If a foot controller just offers 100 presets, it cannot memorize 625 Slot addresses. Subsequent sending of the same control changes (#50-54) will initiate and toggle Morphing.

    If you intend to load Performances and Slots via DAW I suggest to use the absolute method. Each Slot has an absolute preassigned and fixed address comprising a bank select LSB (CC #32) plus a program change. The address of the Slot currently loaded is displayed in the dark box on the left hand side, but only while no Remote is connected. Bank selects and program changes will never trigger Morphing. There are dedicated control change available for Morphing: #11 for pedal and #80 for button.

    In Browser Mode you just need to send program changes which you have to assign in System Settings on page "Browse Mode PrgChg".

    You cannot switch modes (Browser Mode, Performance Mode, PROFILER Mode) via MIDI (not NRPN) except Tuner Mode.

    If you are familiar with Performance Mode I suggest you stick to that for your automation.

  • hello, do you know what i have to do to jump from performance #1 to performance 70#

    i understand the Rigs are numbured from 1 to 127

    PC#2 could be th Rig 3 of my first performance ?

    but i just can send PC# 127 and can called a performance after the performance 26# rig 3#