Save/store rigs directly in Rig Manager

  • I can save a stored rig in RM, but it would be nice to be able to save it directly to a specific folder. Maybe it’s possible but I haven’t figured it out.

    Also is it possible to rename rigs in RM? I tried it last night by right clicking on the rig name in the right panel, but it didn’t change the name in the middle panel. I had to change it on the KPA itself.

    right click > rename seems like it should be a thing.

  • One of the biggest issues I have with the Kemper workflow is saving Rigs and performances.

    Even in RM3 (which is a great improvement over previous RM versions) there is still a poor saving workflow for me.

    At the moment, saving a rig puts it automatically at the bottom of the Local Library list. This can be hundreds of profiles below the one selected. Therefore you need to scroll to the bottom to locate the newly saved Rig. Then copy or drag and drop it to the folder required. THEN re name it. THEN perhaps delete the old one to do some tidy up house keeping.

    Then there is the fact that it is so easy to create duplicates with the same name which can only be properly identified by comparing dates and times.

    I feel we need a a Save To....... option where saving brings up a dialog box that lets you select the folder you want to save to AND gives the option to rename it before saving rather than afterwards. It might seem like a small matter but it drives me absolutely mad just now and means I actually rarely bother saving anything.

    It's only a little thing but its the little things that matter and make the difference between good and great.