Control kemper via midi with Ableton Live 10

  • Hello, please someone can help me?!

    how can I to set Ableton to send slot changes to my Perform kemper ??? I would like to leave the kemper in PERFORM Mode and change slot simply with a midi track made on Ableton.

    thank you!


  • I wouldn't recommend those control changes (#47-54), if you are using Ableton to send MIDI. Those are designed for use with some MIDI foot controllers with limited capabilities. With Ableton I would recommend to use combinations of bank select LSB (CC# 32) and program changes to directly load any of the 625 Slots in Performance Mode. You see the address of each Slot in the dark box on the left of the display while no Remote is connected. Details can be found in the Main Manual chapter MIDI.

  • Really... that's interesting. I routinely send those CC#s to change to the performance, and then slots within over MIDI. Mind you, I'm either using QLAB or my uTrack 24.

    It's a lot easier from a workflow perspective when I'm laying out the backtracks - I set the performance, and then set the slots as needed.

    Is there a technical reason to go the way you mentioned over the CC#s? Is this an Ableton specific thing?

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  • Yes, when you send redundant CCs and reload the same Slot, that intentionally triggers Morphing. You cannot reload the currently loaded and perhaps in a performance edited Slot, except if you disable "Rig Button Morph". If you use bank select+program change you always load/reload that Slot and can control Morphing via CC# 80.