Rig Volume control issue on kemper using RM 3.0.82

  • please help i've been using the latest rig manager 3.0.82 with latest firmware ( 7.1.8 15579B) using mac os 10.14.6

    my main issue currently is that all of a sudden i cannot see changes made on the kemper when adjusting the rig volume parameter with the rig manager the audio does change and all the other controls function as they should

    here's an interesting tidbit as well i can adjust the rig volume on the kemper itself and the leds function as they should but when adjusting the control on that there is no visual change to setting on the screen for rig manager as if that 1 parameter isnt communicating with the software mind you it just came up tonight it was working fine

    ive done a reset of all 3 types either holding the quick , rig ,or system keys while powering up

    any thoughts

    ( now the rig volume does still function properly using toast me though


  • slacking tj

    Changed the title of the thread from “Volume control on kemper using RM 3.0.79” to “Rig Volume control issue on kemper using RM 3.0.82”.