RM3 - cannon preview profile by hitting Enter key

  • It was available in previous versions, but since i installed RM3 I cannot preview/load profile from RM to Kemper by hitting Enter key, when the profile is in focus in RM. Anybody else? I was looking for any info in RM3 manual, but haven't found anything.

    I can navigate to this profile with right arrow on keyboard, but pressing Enter before RM3 was loading selected profile..

  • Press CTRL-ENTER after selecting. That's new and so they want it. (not: CTRL-C as noted by first version)

    They really have to change this. Sitting before the editor with a guitar in hand, it is a pita we have too hit two keys to load a rig.

    Also a BIG problem for me: Using the left and right keys for "autoload"/preview (scrolling through rigs) does not show the according info box on the right. So it is for example not possible anymore to scroll through rigs and see the changes like used mics or used channel...

    Plus, it is very hard to see which profile is previewed, when it is not highlighted somehow in the big list of rigs. The small icon is not that helpful (at least for my eyes).

    As said, this is a very big problem for me! And scrolling through rigs should be as easy as possible!

  • Huge +1 to all of that. After the "eyestrain gray" UI, those are my biggest issues.

  • The inability to select a rig by hitting RETURN is apparently a deliberate design decision as the guys at Kemper felt that return should be reserved for DAW control to avoid accidental issues in DAW projects. I REALLY hope they change their minds though.

    I don't get it DAW thing.... could you explain? When Rig Manager is in focus, pressing Enter key will not do anything to any DAW...

  • skoczy I’m totally with you but that’s what GString said recently. I definitely hope the changes their mind because it drives me mad.

    For me the ideal situation would be to be able to do everything in the editor without the need for a mouse. Say, “E” for Editor, “L” for List, “F” folder, “I” Inspector etc. Arrows and Rab keys to move the selected field and Return to select. Then enter any value numerically or with a +/- key. Reaching for a mouse while holding a pick is a recipe for tendon related RSI.