Gator Kemper Transit Bag (A Comparison/ Kemper Bag Alternative)

  • Hey Kemper family!

    For Christmas my lovely wife bought me a Gator Kemper bag (See Bag Here). I've owned a Husky Bag for the last year of owning my Kemper and it's been absolutely amazing as a cheaper alternative to the original Kemper bag (Husky Bag). The only downside is that since it is a tool bag, there are tons of additional flaps on the inside designed to hold tools. This has caused a bit of snagging/scratching on the front side of my Kemper. It's a super durable bag but it is obviously not meant for a Kemper. This started my search for a new Kemper bag. I have read a very large amount of negative Kemper Bag reviews (the actual Kemper Bag) with it not being durable/sturdy in the long haul. I also didn't like having to set the Remote on top of the Kemper to make it fit.

    I saw that Gator came out with a Kemper bag about two months ago and I was curious on the overall quality. A guy on Facebook bought it and gave it a pretty glowing review. Then, come Christmas morning, I found it wrapped nicely under our Christmas tree!

    The bag is super sturdy and has TONS of room for storage. I can fit my Kemper, Remote, all of my cables, IEM's, expression pedal, wireless unit, Guitar Repair kit (screwdrivers, strings, etc). I even have an entire pocket on the side that isn't being used. It's super light and feels really nice. The original strap is a bit flimsy so I swapped it out with the strap from the Husky bag and I think it will be a lot better of a strap for carrying it 2-3 times a week.

    Definitely a great option for someone looking to get a solid bag for their Kemper head and remote.

  • Do you own the official one? How does it compare?

    i dont like to put my remote on top, but i put some bubble plastic between the kemper and remote so nothing ever happens.

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