• Happy to hear that it went well and now you have some hands-on experience. Good feeling, right? :)

    From here it can only get better as you gain more and more experience. Your starting points sound good to me, I know the "Mister May" rig as well. That's a good one. The others you mentioned are the right choice to highly likely achieve a good sound for gigs.

    Given how well this went, I may end up switching to Kemper full time, and keeping the tube amps at the house for practice and profiling.

    That's the way I did it and meanwhile I am using the tube amps rather rarely. I just fire up the Kemper at home as well. Basically it is my central sound tool whereever I go and whatever I do. Big advantage: I can always tweak and save what I have. Can't tell you how much I enjoy the consistency of the sound and all around it 8)

  • It just gets better.

    After playing around with adding FX and putting the right rigs into performances, I was able to use my MIDI pedal to control the KPA directly, and it works quite well. In a rehearsal today, the other guitar player commented on just how good it sounded....that's always a promising occurrence.

    One gripe: The performance sets are assigned to MIDI channels 1-128, not 0-127. The entire rest of my gear is 0-based.....ugh.