Friedman ASC12 powered cab issue

  • Hi there this may be a silly question, however I recently got a Friedman ASC12 to go with my Kemper rack. When I play through it, I get pretty much dry signal no effects at all. Through headphones I hear the effected signal perfectly. Is there something I need to change on the Kemper?

  • Go to the ouput menu and check what signal chain is active for the physical output you're using from Kemper to Friedman (I assume Monitor Out). Dial in Master Mono and you're done.

    I could have farted and it would have sounded good! (Brian Johnson)

  • I realise you're probably still playing guitar now that you've got effects pumping through the Friedman, but I'd be really keen to get your impression of it, as well as what sorts of tones you're pushing through it. 😎

  • The ASC-12 sounds really good. It kind of depends on the style of music you play. In a blind shootout I liked the Atomic CLR better.

    But I play in a couple of cover bands and want the tones of open&closed type cabs to be clearly distinct

    2 of the 3 metal guys chose the ASC-12

    Just my two cents

  • ;-) So you liked the Atomic CLR better? :-)

    Not too many places have multiple FRFR's to try, so I really appreciated that blind shootout. Based on that shootout, I purchased the Friedman ASC 12 and really like it. My first FRFR was the Headrush 112, and I sold that and got a Line 6 PowerCab Plus 112. I've still got that one for sale and the Friedman is my cab now. Although for playing in my class and at rehearsals, I now either bring an HX Stomp and a Headrush 108, or more recently a BluGuitar Iridium and Nanocab.

    I do prefer "metal" and hard rock, so maybe that's why I gravitated to the ASC from the shootout. What I was surprised about was how different all those sounded in the shootout! All FRFR's and all very distinctly different....IMHO.


    Todd in Chicago