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  • IPad-Editor on the horizon!

    while it would be nice to have RigManager on a tablet - and I would use an Android device! - I am a bit sceptical. Because Kemper would have to support other OS environments, that is: using additonal GUI and OS Apis. As far as I know, they are not using a common framework like QT bridging these very different enviroments. If Kemper did, it would be easily to support Linux systems (this is a main reason for me to have Windows booted instead of my preferred environment on PC).

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    Just wandering.......

    Will I be able to replace the 12" Speaker from My Headrush frfr 112 with the Kone ???

    what is the opinion ?


    As the Kone is a replacement for a regular guitar speaker in a cabinet

    it should work if there is no tweeter or frequency-separating filter involved. Does the Headrush have a tweeter? I don`t know?

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply....

    I am an Elderly Guitarist , getting use to modern Tech... I do not think the Headrush has a tweeter

    will these photos help answer your questions ?

    Thanks Once More for your time

  • Hi - no worries, that is why we have the forum!

    Unfortunately the Kone won't work as a replacement.

    FRFR "108" means it has 1 8" speaker, and the Kone is a 12" speaker.

    Apart from that, the "rectangular shape" above the speaker is the tweeter. You'd be better off selling the Headrush cab and buying the Kemper one,