MattFig BE100 V1 Profile Pack Review!!

  • Hi everyone!

    I recently got the MattFig BE100 V1 Profile Pack and I must say,

    I am truly impressed and I have been pretty picky about profiles since getting my Kemper Stage. I've been searching and searching for a great Friedman BE/HBE 100 profile for a while now, and have tried out some good ones, but nothing was giving me that, "this is what I've been looking for. My search is over" feeling. Many profiles I tried were good, but nothing blew me away until I tried out Matt Fig's BE100 Profile Pack!

    The High-Gain profiles were mostly what I was looking for because I mostly play progressive metal, hard rock, and heavier styles of music. But I was really surprised that I ended up loving the Mid-Gain and Low-Gain profiles too!

    The High-Gain profiles are super rich and full sounding. The different High-Gain profiles are each dialed in to be a little different from each other, to allow for really versatile tone-shaping. And although the gain is up pretty high, you get really great clarity and definition of each note. The profiles are fat sounding, and chewy, and rich, and aggressive. I ended up only adding a bit of presence to some of the profiles (I like bright and cutting tones.) and that was it! Other than that they were everything I was looking for! There are even HBE profiles too! (Which are my personal favorites of the pack at the moment)

    The Mid-Gain profiles are all extremely versatile too! They're extremely dynamic and expressive, and sound amazing. I didn't plan on using them much but I jam on a Mid-Gain profile daily now, because the Mid-Gain profiles are THAT good.

    The Low-Gain profiles were a really pleasant surprise as well. For a clean tone, I wouldn't normally go to a BE100 first, but this pack changed that for sure! The last 2 clean-ish guitar parts I recorded, were recorded using one of the Low-Gain BE100 profiles from the pack, and they came out sounding chimey, and glassy, and rich. I'm really into the BE100 LG Plexi Fat profile at the moment. And the fact that there are all these different tones dialed in on different profiles, makes this profile pack worth a lot more than it's going for!

    And if you're into swapping different Kemper Cabs, you'll get some amazing results too!

    As for the DI profiles, they are also really awesome sounding. I tried them out through my Diamond 4x12 Custom Cab w/ 2 V30's & 2 G12H speakers and they sound KILLER!

    I really can't say enough good things about this profile pack. The profiles are great sounding in a mix, and sound especially amazing when playing guitar live or jamming (I tested through a Headrush 112 FRFR, and through a 4x12 cab), which isn't always the case when a profile sounds especially good in a mix. So you get the best of both worlds when you get this pack. The MattFig BE100 V1 Profile pack is really great, extremely versatile, and is everything you could want and need from a profile pack. The BE100 tone is captured to the tee, and the different profiles are all dialed really well. If you're looking for a Friedman BE/HBE 100 profile pack, I HIGHLY recommend getting the MattFig BE100 V1 Profile Pack. It has so much versatility, so you can get any tone you're looking for with ease. The profiles in the pack are really high quality and sound awesome, and you definitely WILL NOT BE disappointed!

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    -Sean C