Profiles for Progressive Metal / Djent ?

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering what profiles or profile packs people recommend for playing Progressive Metal and Djent??

    I already found a great BE100 profile pack for Progressive Metal and Djent but, i'm curious what profiles or profile packs other people in the Kemper-verse are using for heavier genres of music like Prog Metal, Djent, etc.

    Let me know what profiles or profile packs are your favorites, and what you guys recommend!

    -Sean C-

  • Hi Sean,

    well, hard for me as I am not too deep in that style. Listening to some Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree from time to time. I like the guitar tones of Steven Wilson a lot.

    For the heavier part you might want to try mdan's Driftwood Merged profile from the RigExchange. That's a fat heavy tone, well tweakable and good if you want to change the cab.

    Maybe as a help for the community here you could describe the sound you're after a bit more, e.g. by mentioning guitar players or bands which have the tone you want.

    And as usual following many of the discussions here in the forum: Be careful to hunt for a 100% identical tone of what you hear somewhere. It's more than the amp/profile etc which forms the tone 8)

  • Thanks for the recommendations everyone! I really appreciate it.

    It was a pretty sparse topic on the forum so I figured I'd start a new thread.

    I really like the guitar tones for Periphery and heavy bands kind of like that. But I don't think I'm looking for anything too specific like a specific guitarist or anything like that. I've triee a few times in the past and realized I like to build on tones that I heard from another band or artist and really liked.

    I'm definitely going to look into all the recommendations you guys made! Thanks for your input ^^

    I'll post an update after checking some of them out!