Rig Manager 3.0.82 (Unable to Edit)

  • Has anyone else recently experienced a problem with rig manager and opening the editor? Rig manager sync with the Kemper, but the editor does not open and when double clicking to load a profile there is no response. Also, many options when right clicking are in gray and unable to be chosen. Tried multiple USB cables and ports, also did a reinstall and nothing happens. Last time it wast working it took about 15 minutes before suddenly the editor wanted to work. I emailed a beta feedback response already, but have not received a reply.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Every time I change a profile in Browser mode the setting for Stomps and Amp do not match the Kemper. I must confess to being discouraged as the Rig Manager is a great idea but is a complete mess for me at this moment.

    The problem seems to be that the sync of presets does not always take place. Then you have to shut RM down and open it again sometimes more than once until it syncs/

  • Original poster, that is my predicament. Haven’t been able to check latest RM beta as of yet. Hoping it all gets ironed out. I’m sure it will. At this point, I found a deal on a Helix that was too good to pass on. Brand new half price🤷🏻‍♂️ My original intention was to flip it, but.....

    Traded a MIM tele for a JTV 59 Variax. I gotta say it sure makes for a fun combo for live gigs. My Kemper isn’t going anywhere, but it might just become a permanent fixture in the studio.

  • Can you show what it says in the debug log when you launch the 3.0.82? You can also just upload your debug log as beta report, that would already be helpful I guess :) There are serial numbers and so on in it, so better don't post it publicly online(?) I'm not sure how people do this here x)

    Documents\Kemper Amps\RigManager\Debug Log.txt

    Oh, and also there are no replies (yet) for Beta Reports, technically ): If you want replies, you will have to message the support.

  • Sorry kriwat already resolved the problem by backing up to older versions. If it appears again I will take a photo of the debug log. So far after backing up to previous versions, all is well. My thoughts are that it is a syncing error. I noticed within rig manager that it said I had nearly 300 performances on my Kemper, when I actually only had 12. It was getting bogged down trying to sync those nearly 300 rigs that did not exist. Maybe that will help when you investigate.

  • The debug log should not be deleted or cleared when you install a new version actually. But when syncing is still in progress, the editor will not open, so that might be the problem.