Replacing Fractal's Effects with Kemper... Finally.

  • I've been sort of an effects fan of Fractals since the ULTRA. I loved the Kemper amps out of the box and still do think they're tops, but some of the effects were lacking (delays, reverb) that I felt I needed a different algorithm.

    Well, I've been away a while, & came back this January, loaded up the latest software, 7 something, and toyed with the new interface effects (I like it compared to the old one) and dialed in a Delay and Reverb exactly like I had it setup in the FX8.

    Well, dang if it doesn't sound better! My guitar just sounds so melodious (Thorn SoCal) I was going back and forth and noticeably liking the KPA's effects better now.

    I had/have no problem with multiple gear, routing an FX8 through the KPA's, but if I can recreate what I like in one gear what another has, I can sell the redundant one, duh.

    So I'm glad I can have it all in one box. I'm finally satisfied with the Kempers Effects feeling they equal the amps in quality. To be sure, there are always some pedals out there that with dedicated ability are gonna be an ear catcher (like my current MonkeyMan pedal). But for the meat & potatoes (Compressor, Delay, Reverb) I'm pretty happy (don't use too much comp, mostly when mixing)

    That said, I would like to see some variety of Compressor algorithms. But as for now, I guess I'm gonna sell this FX8. Who knew?

    (Part of me doesn't like selling gear. I think b/c I'm materialistic and like being surrounded with lots of blinking lights, but it never hurts to be frugal, considering how much I bought in 2019)

    Bye Bye, FX8, you did a good job. Hello, Kemper 7, you never cease to surprise me!

    Kudo's to the Kemper programming team, all the beta testers, and all the bitchy users whining for better and now being rewarded!

    It shows the squeaky door does get the grease, let's just hope we aren't the first door replaced!

  • Thanks for sharing your story and thoughts @db9091 - same thoughts here. The Kemper does it quite well for me as my priority is clearly on the amp sounds. I only need rather basic stuff on stage and in studio situations the DAW does what is necessary. But that's just my situation. Thanks also for not starting another argument on pros and cons of either unit. They all have their relevance and there's no need to fight for one :)

    Kudo's to the Kemper programming team, all the beta testers, and all the bitchy users whining for better and now being rewarded!

    This! I appreciate both sides as well. The makers at Kemper as well as the community and the actual players who take an influence on the product :thumbup:

  • Very true, deadman42,

    gear either serves your needs or doesn't. And needs change.

    I also don't discount the visual aspect. I get that some people just need an amp and glowing tubes. Been there.

    But at the end of the day, I commit to tape and if hardware does better than a plugin, I'll get that. If software can do better, or serve in place of too high a cost for the hardware at my current ability, I'm there as well.

    That said, I was a fervent advertisement for the Kemper for a number of years. I'm amazed that it's 7 years on and we're talking about continued development of this product like its a Mark II. Didn't expect that.

    A buddy of mine bought the Axe FXII and we play together and on either one I have a lot of fun, and we can dial in so many sounds on either. But I did warn him that it would be unsupported in probably 2-3 years, and he lamented that this ended up being true. But it does the kind of sounds he likes and he's happy with it. I had the ULTRA, seriously toyed with the FX and decided with the KPA over the FX 80% b/c of the amp tube tone and 20% b/c of the support. So I appreciate the huge support we all give it. It has a life of its own.

    IDK if ANY piece of gear has as many user made presets in electronic history. Did Line6 start that? IDK. But the KPA should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for community presets!