Gilmour and Pink Floyd rigs

  • good day guys and happy new year to all.

    I'm looking to find the best possible Gilmour and pink floyd rigs, I'm a huge fan of Gimour and I love his sound.

    It seems like I cannot find any very good ones, I even purchase some but after tweaking'em alot stai cannot be satisfied for me.

    Maybe it is my initial kemper setting with the output volume, and the input section I have the volume all the way up and adjustable on the flight.

    Any suggestions?

  • Happy new year!. Finding a very good PinkFloyd tone, is very subjective and personal taste.

    It depends, what specific song do you want to achieve? what era? what about the guitars, pickups, or the speakers you are using? Anyway, you have several options:

    1. Commercial Profiler support.

    I am sure the profiler who made the rigs you purchased, thinks that those are "very good ones" fo his ears. I guess you always can count on a good Profesional Profiler to help you tweaking his profiles with your own gear.

    2. Tweaking the cab section and EQ.
    I would suggest change the cab section and IRs of the profiles and check if that gives you what you are looking for. You can use EQ, too.

    3., the largest Gilmour tone reference on the net.

    You can try to replicate those amps (HiWatt, Fender Bassman...), and pedals (BigMuff, Echorec, ProCo Rat, etc.) using KP stomps and profiles, or you can buy some pedals and use them with the KP.

    4. Rig Manager keyword: "Pink Floyd" or "Gilmour"

    5. Google "Pink Floyd with Kemper", you will find tons of content, like:

    a) Kemper forum threads. Many covering this subject

    b) Kemper Profiles, Performances and Presets, free or commercial from Maurizio70, Rigbusters, Fremen among others. Some of these guys played Pink Floyd covers professionally, so if it works for them, maybe it works for you.

    Free: http://www.maurizio70guitarist…s-cover/pink-floyd-cover/


    c) Kemper Videos. Pick whatever sounds good to you. Some you tubers share the details of the settings

    Hope you can find the tone you are looking for. Don't forget to share what finally worked!!


  • Rigbusters have not only rigs but performances also. This comercial bundles are imho very close to the original. They sell two bundles made by Mr. Sementina. Name of the bundles are Pink Wall 1 and 2.

    Great amplifiers and pedals:

    Amps - Cornford MK50H II

    - Hiwatt DR103 (1974)

    Pedals - Cornish SS3

    - Xotic BB Preamp

    - Acus OFS 6

    - Paul Cochrane Timmy

  • I recently used some Pink Floyd Rigbusters profiles for Comfortably Numb in a concert I made with the children of my elementary school. I somewhat tweaked them to sound as good as possible with the guitar I used. But there are so much different tones from different songs it is epic to nail them and, of course, there are the hands and playing of David Gilmour which are soooooooo unique!

  • padella31 thanks for your appreciation! You have to know that I added a big muff and some modulation in front and heavily modify the rig to fit my guitar. But the profiles will certainly give you a good start point.

  • thanks thanks very much for your time and effort.

    I'm a completely newbie on Kemper and I'm sure with some time I will get a grip for it, I always played tube amps, and pedalboard and I get confused with the digital word because the settings for all the FX are very extended.

  • Gilmour's core overdriven tone in his long solos isn't something exceptional imho. It's more the effects and the playing which are great.

    BUT, his clean tones are awesome.

    My suggestion would be not to purchase anything yet. If you have a good strat, all you need is a profile like the famous AC20 from RE (or something like it) and experimenting with the parameters and the effects to get there.

    Just my 2 cents

  • JimmyK,

    Thanks for your input of course I will try that as well, as I mentioned earlier I'm a complete newbie in the digital world. I'm experimenting all the options, I managed to have a fantastic Gilmour sound with my pedalboard and a shur Bella amp but I'm trying now to tranfer everything to digital, let's see how far I will go with that.

    My guitars are

    American fender stratocaster Eric Clapton signature, 1952 telecaster reissue and gibson les paul traditional.

    Once again thanks for your reply

  • I spent a LOT of time and money trying to get his tone....its practically impossible :

    Yes, to replicate exactly this tone is almost impossible, probably also for Gilmour himself, since so many pedals, effects, parameters involved ... but I'm sure one can be able to match it in a very credible way just using only the kemper ;-)

    And I can tell you ... I'm sure Robman you are reached already a very good tone and compromise ... the problem is: we never are satisfied 100%... I know very well this sensation, but often, the result we obtain is simply already GOOD!