Volume from Profile to Profile

  • So I wanted to know what are some ways you can set each profile at the proper volume so that the sound even? I noticed that some profiles sound quieter or louder than others. I use performance mode when I play live and at the moment my Fender clean tone sounds louder than lets say my Marshall SLP tone and yet both rigs are at the same volume. Is the rig volume adjustment the only solution or is there a correct way to make the volume even from profile to profile?

  • This is the never-ending battle. I also use my ears.

    It would be good to be able to label each profile for volume L/M/H and have a leveling algorithm that sets the volume of each profile/ slot based on an estimation of apparent volume. AI in rig manager maybe. ?

  • Just spitballing here but would it be possible for the Kemper to run a standard signal through the profile and assign it a 'loudness score'? Then based on that loudness score all profiles could be given the option to equalize them to a consistent volume? Does that make sense?

  • So I wanted to know what are some ways you can set each profile at the proper volume so that the sound even?

    As it always was, no matter the amp, the best way is to play at the target volume in context and set the volume by ear.

    Using peak or RMS meters won't work.

    If you find that all your cleans are to loud when compared to drive sounds, lower Clean Sense in the INPUT menu.

  • Fastest way to "solve" this problem is to adjust the volume with

    the "Volume" knob at the front and press "Store" while rehearsing

    or soundchecking. ( NOT the "Master Volume" )

    And in browser mode ....... Works for me :P

    Constant-minor-adjustments-from-one-day-to-another-syndrome :wacko:

    ( Don´t press "Store" if you made other changes to the rig you don´t want to store !!! )

    Cheers !

  • the important thing to be clear about here is whether it is a general all rigs vary in level issue or whether it is specifically ”my clean sounds are usually louder than my overdriven sounds” problem. In the first instance you just need to manually tweak the volume of each rig individually and store the results. However, if it is the second problem just lower the Clean Sens parameter in the Input Menu. Remember that the input menu can be locked but the value and lock functionality are independent between Browser mode and Performance mode.