Best Merged/Direct Hi-Gain Metal/Rock profiles?

  • Here's a question for all you powerhead users out there: What are the "best" direct/merged profiles on the market for use with a cab?

    My definition of best is that nice trouser flapping feeling of a full, present profile. For reference - the MBritt profiles are a touch too distant through a cab for my tastes.

    I've had some good experiences with some merged profiles from STL Tones.

    Looking a vendor with a wide range of punchy profiles.

    EDIT: As an aside, if anyone has a very good Tremonti style Ubershall profile that is Direct/Merged i'd be all over that!



  • Yeah I can see how you would feel that.
    I don't vibe off the Direct stuff...I originally started with direct profiles playing through a real cab because I thought I wanted to retain some of the "realness?"

    But with in a week I started to feel like everything sounded the same, like hearing a Super Lead to a Bogner Ubershall - had very little sounding differences/character.
    Obviously thats because its all going through the same cabinet for coloring the tone. But I decided to go to a Full Range Cab by Laney and now I can get the intended vibe from everything. The differences you feel and hear from profile to profile are much more satisfying that way.

    Granted im a new kemper guy for about the last 4 months...but I feel like I couldn't pick out what amp I was playing by attempting to detect the nuances from a Di Profile like I can when its a full profile with certain cabs and mics on it.

    Might be the boat your in?

  • I'm feeling this. Leaning towards pulling the trigger on the Kemper Kone when it comes out, only issue is that I now feel "stuck" with the powerhead, when I could have saved some money and not bothered with the poweramp!

    It is what it is though, I guess.

    Hey, get the official Victory Kraken pack and turn off the cab, they're excellent!

    I might try this, however I have heard mixed things about this pack.

  • Have been looking aswell over last two years.

    I find alot of profiles on the market distant/dark feeling and definition and presence can only help so far. With the kemper the profile really needs to be 85% on the money from the start to get a good sound.
    Best i have found are stl lasse lamert pack

    All are merged and he really knows how to dial in the amps.
    Sin mix can be good aswell, but might only find one or two good direct profiles in each pack.
    chop tones is great for their direct profiles. They set everything at unity normally and adjust the master section to best suit your needs.
    cililab are also good,

    Good luck

  • Thanks! I could download it - nice! I like merged profiles since I like to use Ownhammer impulses :-) (And Lasse knows how to dial in an amp!)

    If you like to use impulses, get Bogrens impulses. Better than any other impulses out there. Totally worth the price.

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