MIDI controller not working unless started before Kemper

  • Hello guys! I have a silly question here. My MIDI controller works wonders, but if I happen to turn on the Kemper before the controller, it does not work unless I restart the Kemper with the MIDI controller on.

    My question is if there is a way to avoid restarting the Profiler once it's on. Does the Profiler has any way to reset its MIDI settings without restarting it?


  • What happens if you unplug the MIDI cable before turning on the MIDI controller ?

    What kind of MIDI controller do you have ?

    I have the Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro and if I "forget" to turn it on, or find out

    I want to use it after a while ( in the studio ) I plug MIDI cable in after turning it on,

    otherwise it sometimes does not work properly or KPA acts strange ....

    But most of the times it works flawless ....... ( Knock on wood ;) )

    Cheers !

  • Thank you guys for the answer.

    I did some experiments as suggested here is the solution I got: If I turn ON the Profiler with the controller OFF, I should connect the MIDI cable with the controller already ON... and it works! No need to reboot Kemper!

    All indicates that the boot process of the controller messes with Kemper. So avoid that by unplugging the cable and everything work wonders. Thanks!!

  • FWIW I've found if I press any buttons on my ground control pro whilst the Kemper is booting, I'll get the input light lighting up on the Kemper after it boots but no output. Rebooting Kemper and not touching the gcp during boot fixes it