Stage won't update

  • Hey guys,

    I'm following all of the instruction that Kemper provides - I've formatted the USB stick via the Stage. I've put the "kaos.bin" file in the OS directory. No popup menu to update ever appears when I plug the flash drive into the Stage like the instructions say it will. The "USB Stick" option occurs, but I can only export rigs/backup files from there. That works great. The only time I can get the Stage to acknowledge that there is an OS update is if the kaos.bin file is in the OS directory AND default screen (with all the folders) on the flashdrive. It will say "multiple software revisions have been found on USB stick". Is there a way to update the Stage from my computer or rig manager and bypass all this USB nonsense?

    Please help, I'd love to be able to update my Stage and use Rig Manager. Thanks in advance!

  • It is not possible to update using a USB drive if you have multiple versions of the OS in the OS directory, or if you have the OS in both the root directory of the USB and in the OS folder.

    It is possible if you have it just in the Root directory of the USB, and it should be possible if you have just one version in the OS folder, and none in the Root Directory.

    If you want to update to a Beta OS version using Rig Manager, you need to have your Rig Manager preferences set to included Beta Updates.