DIY Guitar kit.

  • I’ve had my Kemper since 2013 and it is simply the best unit I’ve tried in years. It never ceases to amaze me and always delivered exceptional tone.
    for Christmas, I got a DIY guitar kit. I upgraded the electronics and hardware and had my partner pyrography a Norse design on the body and headstock. Sounds killer and plays REALLY well.
    obviously, I did some work on the frets etc.
    pretty happy with the result.

    Not a great photo, but y’all get the idea

    Obviously, it’s been sealed ????

  • nice job.

    i’ve built 5 guitars from scratch so far and have another 3 in progress (2 are steel string acoustics). I started by doing a 5 day course a few years back to build my first electric. I’m now in 1st year of a 3 year college course on stringed instrument making.

    i would be proud of that work. Enjoy playing it.

  • Very nice. For a kit it looks solid.. Like above, I have built a couple guitars from scratch. Very gratifying and a lot of fun. My buddy built me a couple this past year and I was somewhat a part of it but I am thinking of doing a two myself this year. Inspiring post. Congrats and enjoy.