Power amp section

  • I have spent quite some time looking in de manual 7.0 to find settings about Power amp and according link (page 7/7 in the Output menu) but can't find anything about it. What are the best settings in this section ?

    I have a powered Profiler so I wonder what is the use of having the link Powered amp uncheked. This is confusing.

  • Don't know, if I understand you correctly, but you can turn the Poweramp off.

    At home I have the the button unchecked, because I don't use it usually, but my cabinet box is plugged in though.

    So I can play silent via headphones and my daughter can sleep in the next room ;)

    In live situations I have a little cabinet box (only for my singer, who doesn't work with IEM), then I turn the Poweramp on.

    Does it help? :/:/

  • Yes, I know it can be turned off. But why be able to check or uncheck. I rehearse also in my study and the Monitor Output and the Direct Output of my powered Kemper go straight into two inputs of a 6-channel mixer which is connected to two 100W studio monitors . Also a Behringer UCA 202 is connected to my computer. I connect headphones to the mixer and can paly along with MP4 or Mp3 and even for recording. No bother with check or uncheck Power amp...!

    But for live it's maybe another story... should I check or uncheck Power amp for live situations and what is the advantage or disadvantage?

  • To clarify: you only need the power amp to play over a passive cabinet box (the red output on the back of the Kemper, right above).

    The two monitor outputs are passive.

    Yes but I don't need a passive cabinet. At home I always play through my mixer and the studio monitors or directly to headphones. The Monitor Output and Direct Output are only for stereo fx reasons. In live situations I do the same : directly to FOH.

    Seems like the OP doesn’t use a passive cab.

    In good practice (to save energy) I'd switch the poweramp off then.

    Hi Ingolf, Good suggestion for rehearsing at home!

    But when checked for live situationsn , does this mean that increased Power amp will come on top of volume settings of Direct Output and Monitor Output?

  • Nope, as I said the power amp is just for the red power amp out on the back of the Kemper.

    I guess, you bought the "wrong" product. For you the unpowered KPA would had been sufficient.

    My Powered Kemper is from 2014. Indeed I used the red speaker jack on the back a lot, but since rehearsals without a backline are much friendiler for your ears I use the mixer. much easier to control volume with in ear. (throughout the years I've lost some frequencies during loud rehearsals and on stage with 50/60 gigs a year...).

    So definitely not the wrong product for me.

  • as others have said you don’t need the power amp turned on at all unless you are using a passive cab via the red output.

    However, the poweramp boost control is also linked to the monitor out. If you have say +6db on the poweramp boost setting you will also have a 6dh boost on the monitor output when the power amp is turned off. You won’t have this boost when the poweramp is switched off. However, this shouldn’t be a problem as you simply adjust the monitor output volume anyway. In your personal situation I would leave the poweramp off all the time.