Neural Quad Cortex

  • And Rhett mentions that the effects aren't up to par with the quality of the KPA, Axe FX, and Helix, and that's a huge drawback as well.

    Whereas Pete Thorn says the effects are stunning, lush and as good or better than anything out there ?

    beauty is in the ear of the beholder (or maybe in Pete’s case the pocket of the reviewer).

  • This ^^^

    I only listened once to the YT vid not the wav's - initial impression was that the QC was a tad louder (maybe it was just the top end I was noticing). And did he re-amp the same take back through the amp / devices or play them real time - the Kemper take felt different - maybe just me?

    Anyways, interesting new tech. Will see where Kemper goes from here on, pretty sure they won't just roll over.

    Someone analyzed the wav's and said they weren't the same take.

  • Okay - so much hype ? I think all Neural products sound quite processed and polished ! I`ve been curious and did a little shootout between the Nameless plugin and my own boosted DSL profile with the same signal .... long story short : the Kemper sounded miles better - more punch , clarity and definition ! No need for a QC - love my Kemper ! And yes , i think Kempers profiling process needs an update at some point - i think the missing roomsound is the problem with some profiles .

    Cheers ,Marco

  • I think it’s incredible that the Kemper is still not only holding its own but kicking the ass of the competition in the most important aspect, sound, after all these years.

    I am getting a QC and as mentioned am excited about it. However I still own and love the Kemper. An amazing unit with an amazing team and ethos as a company.

    The issue with all the sound tests above for me is simply that they are probably all paid to do the reviews and therefore not definitely objective.

    I can’t wait to get one and A/B for myself:)

  • The PT review is great as always.He just has "the hands" for doing these reviews good..he does not even need these "funny interludes"..;)

    As all "pro reviewers" he also knows how to say "not so nice things"... still sounding like it is the greatest product of all time..

    The capture feature of the qc has obviously some serious issues.This is what I get out of his review.Enough said.We will see.

    And yes..the factory presets still sound like plug ins.So [email protected] obviously has no reason to be "concerned" about the new kid in town.Yet.

  • There will always be a thirst for new toys and we'll see how things settle down after the hype, but the QC does seem to offer the best of the top 3 products. Capture, modelling and great user interface.

    For pro bands it might be a little off-putting that there is not a rack mount version, but it will be useful for those that fly to festivals etc.

    I can see myself falling for it as an alternative to my Kemper rack. I just hope Kemper have a vision for a version2 with the usual innovations!

  • The wow feature of the QC is that it can allow you to profile two pedals and two amps and allow you to use them all at the same time.

    I have huge problems to get the attack I want with one od pedal..two amps/two the same time...I will not try this..sounds like a compression gang bang..

  • I am absolutely sure the reviewers are NOT payed, of course.

    However, when comparing with the Profiler in the videos, they have obviously forgotten to do the usual bit of Profile Refining with their guitar.

    This seems to be unnoticed so far, even among Profiler players that have watched the videos.

  • Basically you cannot trust the opinion of anyone who gets a unit without going through the usual channels. When it comes to video games, reviewers like Worthabuy tell you that they never get advanced keys to the games and that they buy the keys so as to remain 100% objective. These "influencers" should do the same.