Neural Quad Cortex

  • The capture is represented as an amp block so you can still add whatever blocks you wish to it. EQ/compressor/gain for instance. It's not like the capture is the all in one. From what I have seen, captures vary greatly on the Kemper which is why I have about 20 JCM 800 profiles both paid and unpaid. I'm interested to see if the QC cloud will have the same.

    I believe you dont even know how all the amp parameters work, as they are not "eq" or simple "compresors". There is nothing the like in the QC, with the amp parameter you can change the pick dynamics, the general response of the profile, the transient response, the clipping caracteristic of the tube, the sagging of it. There is nothing like it in the QC.

  • I have one thing in common with Mark Knopfler and all the other mega superstars using the KPA on their workd tours:I never ever encountered "cocked wah" in my profiles.. ^^

    Mr superstar Nikos..just see the video of Rabea and use your ears. No need to laugh about what is audible or others opinion. Also find me a good Kraken if you can without this wah if you can..I have bought many packs of Kraken and Neural's its clearer. We discuss some things in here to give feedback for this product so to get better. So many guys speaking for some things aren't stupid or superstars. Now that you have a new machine to compare maybe its easier to understand. Kemper has more analog sound and I am sure it can get better than Neural...Neural come easiest closer to the amp, its more open sounding, don't have that middle strange thing BUT has something digital and the gain structure is weird. Kemper could be the winner if mr. Kemper listen to guys telling 2-3 things. The profiles being darker, have that middle thing..I believe it can be fixed. Don't act like a wall and don't let feedback to reach mr. Kemper. Kemper its obviously more analog sounding and its stupid not to be fixed these 2-3 stuff now thats more obvious by these videos. Many many many guys we have spoken for these stuff but here in this page fanboys act like a wall to mr.Kemper but this does more harm than good...

  • Ok, I have to admit, the QC is an impressive box. It is better than I expected and based on this latest video, it is at least a match for the KPA with respect to its ability to capture another amps tone.

    The new kid has got some chops ;).

    Now, where I still see a pretty big gap is in the usability live.

    I think there are 2 different types of modeler users: Live and Recording. I am part of the former, and as such, I really never understood why so many KPA users screeched to the heavens for a PC editor.... because as a live gigger, PC editing wasn't really that high on my list. Of course, now that I have it, I really love it ;). Back to my point.

    For live use, the ergonomics of performance becomes a much bigger issue. How easy is it to move from one tone to another? Is there any lag in patch changes? How well does the hardware hold up in a hostile environment? How easy is the foot controller to operate on a darkened (or even pitch black) stage?

    Having said all this, I will be watching the new guy on the block. I have a metric butt ton of hours in my KPA rigs and have become very proficient at getting any tone I want from it and making it work in a band mix. That doesn't mean that I might not find myself shopping for a new rig in a few years once the QC works through its initial launch and perhaps makes a new version more geared for live use!

    At any rate, the competition is good. I hope that QC creates an exchange like the KPA has for the open exchange of peoples rigs instead of forcing people to purchase QC rigs only (sort of the HP model..... give away the printer and charge a lot for the ink).

  • I'm bit late to the party (watched a bunch of the Quadcortex vid demos for 1st time today) but man, it does seem impressive. Makes the Kemper look a bit dated in alot of ways, but that is understandable with the long production life of the KPA.

    Baffled by the QC's audio drop out that has been in many demos when changing patches though. That's got to be a deal breaker for anything live? Cant wrap my head around why on earth they would released it like that??? Very strange.

    *edit* just saw the other posts regarding this being fixed. Still find it strange that it was let out for unsupervised demos this way. Rushed?

    Still love my Kemper and use it almost daily, but welcome the new developments and competition.

    As others have said, as consumers it only benefits us.

  • Vids have been pretty good, like the Rabeas. Would be interested to see some more how QC handled external equipment like front end slamming pedals. This might show something more about the electrical capabilities (headroom, converters) and the low end dynamics / transient attack significance.

    Maybe Rabea could get some Marshall Guv’nor and reproduce Live Blues tone with his SLO 😎

  • No, no, he's got a point. I have 7 guitar fellas who own a katana, one who uses a helix, and another which uses a kemper. Counting me, it is a relatively small market compared to all the dudes I know play guitar.

    So you are really saying to me you counted YOUR friends, in YOUR social environment and then transferring your result to a world wide estimation.

    That is so... but o.k. Let's do it.

    So you are saying 2 out of 8 guitar players have a Kemper in your "calculation". That extrapolated to the world, we are talking about how many people then?

    Some guys won't believe there is another reality beside their own. What if I say I know the kids living in their parents biiig house for free (or going to work, or running their own business already...) having built their styled through homestudio before they could play the first song and buying all the new stuff just for fun! They buy Helix, Axe FX, Kemper - selling one - buying the next thing, go back to Kemper, now buy the QC. They can buy the stuff because they are NOT "pro musicians" - they just go to work and can afford buying hipster pedal boards worth more than a Kemper.

  • Dropouts are already fixed. Paul forgot to upgrade his firmware.

    I never quite understood the obsession with dropouts anyway. If you were to listen to a live show, you would be hard pushed to recognise even a half second gap in the guitar tone. It is not an issue when recording either.

    One thing for sure is that new modellers gradually close all these minor irritations with updates.

  • This is why Im going to wait haha. I really dig my kemper stage, but im sure if these top gear demo youtubers were paid by helix to push the product they could easily convince the helix sounds better than kemper. Need to see a much higher volume of material from everyone as opposed to paid pros doing demos. I think these demo makers are genuine chaps, but if theyre being paid by Neural then they have to make it sound better in the demo lol. That's not to say it can't/doesn't sound better, just gotta wait and hear more

    Just listen to Jon at Sonic Drive and you can witness how good a tone he gets from Helix. I think his only affiliation is with Ownhammer as well.

    I bought an HX Stomp in addition to my Kemper and it shows you can get great tones from any of these devices if you are patient.

    The best point of QC is that it brings every idea of modelling to one place. The real downer is the power supply and I would prefer a rack version.

  • I wouldn't have thought a rack version would be too far in the wings - after all line 6 and v-amp did this.

    I've got a rack Kemper with flightcase when needed. I can't think of a better form for studio and gigging. Love the thing!

  • Just got around to watching the latest Rabea video. I'd have to agree that the qc did sound better in the vid, but he's profiling with the two notes, no actual cab and no actual mic's? I'm sure I've read CK specifically advising against that, that the results will be sub optimal. Maybe he would get similar results profiling the correct way or maybe not but what is he proving by profiling an amp and a cab emulator? I know he's working in an attic but???