Custom profiles requests?

  • Hi everyone!

    Here is one question I have: Would anyone here consider making custom profiles for those who would need them?

    I find there are a lot of great free profiles in the rig exchange page, but only a very small amount of them fit my tastes (yes I am very picky)

    I would like to make my own profiles, but the problem is I don't own the amps I'd like to profile and I don't know anyone who does.

    So I am wondering: Could we post requests for particular profiles so the people who possess the amps could make them if they want?

    I would consider giving money for it. Or all my gratitude if they don't care about it :)

    I don't know if anybody already had this idea before, but if not, maybe we could all put our requests here?

    So concerning myself, I would love having profiles of the following amps:

    Friedman BE-100

    Soldano SLO-100

    Suhr PT-100

    Custom Audio OD-100 SE+

    For the cab, any 412 V30 should work (preferably Marshall, Bogner or ENGL), and for the mics, 1 or 2 SM57, or SM57+R121, or SM57+MD421

    But most important of all, the amp settings:

    Gain : Between 4 and 6 (depending on the amp)

    Bass: 5

    Mids : 6-7

    Treble : 6-8

    Presence : 6

    Master : 5

    (basically, almost everything to the middle position but maybe just a little more of mids, treble, and presence). Tight organic high gain sound with good mids and just enough gain. NO ADDED PEDALS. I could send a line recording of my guitar to help making the profile if it can help.

    I have no idea if my question is appropriate since I don't post here often, but it would be great to find some help here :)

    All the best,