Reducing line noise - help please

  • Hi there. I have my kemper stage at a friends studio trying to lay down some clean parts and can’t seem to get rid of white noise from the line. Even when guitar volume is right down there is still a hiss coming through. I haven’t had this problem before, is there something I can do with ground lifts to help this? Or anything else I haven’t considered.

    Don’t want to use gate as when I start playing the sound will appear again behind the clean parts.


  • Hello .

    Does the "white noice" get stronger when increasing the output master volume from Kemper ?

    If not , keep it at a high volume and use lower gain / PAD at mixer / DAW input ...

    If the noice is a "fizzy" high Hz , use a low pass filter in the mixer / DAW .... Cut @ approx 9 - 10 kHz

    Turn down or off any compressors ....

    That´s what I can think of right now .... Hope it helps :/

    Cheers !