Pick parameter fixes boominess

  • Hi

    Ive never used the pick parameter. But today I noticed if I have a heavy rock sound loaded up, playing through a pa speaker, moving the pick parameter to the right a little about +0.5 or higher, so positive pick setting, it cleared up a lot of mud /boom from the sound.

    I dont know if that is what its designed to do but it does?

    Im sure this isn't a revelatory breakthrough for most of ye but I think its cool?


  • Hi there

    Yes I have tried the hp /lp filters but its another slot used up so im trying to avoid that, I just picked the low e string and turned the pick knob fully to -5 then +5 theres a big difference between the two extremes which I hadnt noticed before -5 seems muddier +5 seems to clear it up.

    I could be wrong as to whats actually going on but I like the + side more on distorted profiles.

    Let me know what u think