Country slapback delay settings

  • What settings are you guys using for country slapback delay? I've been trying to use some of the delay times I've found on random web articles, and they all sound too fast. Just curios as to what everyone else is using. Thanks.

  • 140 to 180 ms sounded more like country to me. I agree, lower settings sounded more like rockabilly. I've got it before the amp, as well, which sounded better to me. You guys doing anything special with any of the other settings (grit, modulation, etc)?

    Thanks again.

  • All of the above is dead-on. I'd find an analog-style preset and start there. Brad Paisley is known to use a Way Huge Aqua Puss, which is an analog sound. EHX Memory Man is another.

    As for grit, mod etc..... I'm still playing with those to 'tune' the delays. Still feeling out what does what and how they interact. Very cool, just going to take time.

    What I've found recently that's been something of a revelation for me is the Low Cut/High Cut. I'll set the Low Cut to around 100Hz or sometimes up around 170'ish. I then turn the high cut all the way to the right and experiment with dialing that down. It has a profound effect on how prominent the repeats are and their overall timbre.

    This video is especially helpful for me on tape/analog settings:
    This one covers other, more broadly applied parameters:


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  • Thanks for sharing!