Kemper Kone only works with Kemper?

  • I find this surprising - with regard to the physics of dispersion. Bass frequencies are omnidirectional and treble frequencies are progressively more directional. Waveguides are used to increase dispersion of highs - eg in studio monitors. So dispersion is determined by frequency and the shape of the radiating surface and its surround.

    If DSP can impact beaminess, the control might involve filtering highs that contribute to the perception of beaminess. Otherwise, DSP can control the levels of each frequency but it can also control the phase. Perhaps phase effects can impact perceptions of beaminess. I would be interested in some clarification from Kemper staff.

  • There is an option in the controls for the Kone to change the amount of beaminess, so it can be controlled using the DSP! ;)

    I'm not sure what kind of DSP fu they are using, but they might have found something controllable in DSP that is unique to a whizzer cone single driver. IME whizzer equipped 12's can have a nasty bump in the upper treble (where the whizzer takes effect, around the dropoff of the main cone) and this could contribute to the beaminess. But it's been years since I dug into all this, my memory may be failing.

    The Kemper folks are extremely clever and constantly think out of the box. I'm sure the solution will be unique and work very well. And from all indications it seems to be a system solution (DSP and special driver). You can have the natural response of a driver go all over the place if you are able to correct it with DSP.