• Hi..I am looking for a new interface that has spdif, so I can use my Kemper digital. I have told by sellers that new interfaces won't come with spdif, only adat optical (like the new Steinberg ur816c) and that spdif is an older kind of technology. So the question is if someone want to use his Kemper digital and there is only adat optical and not spdif input..what could we do. Any solutions????

  • The Focusrite 6i6 and above, have coaxial S/PDIF built in. With S/PDIF, there is no second analog to digital conversion, so the quality of the mic pres, or line inputs, doesn't really matter in that case.

    I've had the 6i6, and now the 18i8. The headphone output is the only thing that suffers, it's a bit thin without a headphone amp, but with monitors it sounds great out of the box. The newer 3rd generation is supposed to have better headphone output.

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  • new interfaces won't come with spdif, only adat optical

    There are converters for that

    Don't forget to check whether the ADAT optical ports can be switched to optical S/PDIF mode! Even though both are optical, they're not the same and the interface needs to support the S/PDIF mode.

    Also check whether the interface supports direct monitoring for the digital inputs, there is some that don't.