Kone & Kabinet Q&A

  • Hi Christoph and co.

    Can't wait to get my hands on a couple of Kones, (I think I heard you say the Kone is only available direct from Kemper, please be kind with freight costs to Australia?) but as my little home studio is running out of space I'm going to have to store away either my Marshall quad or my Yamaha HS8's. What kind of "frfr" sound quality can we expect from the kone for music playback as well as vocals? Could you imagine using the Kone for vocals etc for a 1 man gig? I understand this isn't it's primary purpose but just trying to plan ahead.


  • The benefit is that FRFR speakers are not truly flat-they all have bumps & dips in their frequency response that varies from model to model. This means that the same profile will sound different when run through different monitoring systems. Many people have commented/complained that profiles that they purchased do not sound the same as the demos they have seen.

    And this is EXACTLY why a PEQ is needed in the Monitor Out section.....not a broad brush HP and LP filter.

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  • Summing up:

    Kone is a 1-way, 2-cones (midwoofer+whizzer), tweeterless, broadband loudspeaker.
    No crossover is required/applicable. You can't put it in an active, coaxial cabinet unless you know very well what you are doing.
    It's not the porting/rebranding of any 2-way Celestion speaker.

    • You probably use Direct Profiles in your live set, such as acoustic guitar sounds or bass rigs. Direct Profiles are marked by having the Cabinet Module set to „empty“, thus featuring a full range sound. Running a full range sound through a classic guitar speaker is unpleasant. Therefore, in speaker imprint mode (MonitorCabOff active), when switching to a Direct Profile, Kemper Kone will automatically switch to full range mode for that rig. No preparation needed


    may it be an idea to extend the automatic switch to full range mode also to rigs tagged with instrument=acoustic, even if there is something in the cabinet module?

    Purpose: I often use acoustic profiles containing an IR of an acoustic guitar in the cabinet section - to be precise an direct acoustic guitar amp profile in the amp module, but „polished“ with an acoustic IR like this in the cabinet module https://www.3sigmaaudio.com/acoustic-impulses/

    Therefore it would be extremely nice to simply mark this Rig as „acoustic“ and have it switched to full range although there is something loaded in the cabinet module .

    Any reason not to do so that I overlook?

    really looking forward to the new cabinet!


  • it sounds to me like there is a "linear" mode. the only problem with acoustic guitars, is there may be some info above the range of the acoustic that will be gone. But not much. The linear setting will allow all of the 'amp and cabinet' sounds to flow through this speaker. That way when there are different cabinets with the profiles they will be represented.

    It is a really good idea! good for C.Kemper and team?

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but essentially the Kemper Kabinet can be:

    - An FRFR (i.e. Headrush 112) where you set the AMP+CAB+MIC on the Profiler


    - Speaker Imprint mode (like a Line 6 PowerCab) where you choose a speaker emulation = AMP + CAB Imprint?

  • I'm curious about the Kemper Kone or Kemper Kabinet.

    Looking at the specifications it looks like I could use my Bose A1 PackLite Amp (250 watts RMS into 4 ohms) 3 pounds

    Profiler (unpowered) -> Bose A1 amp -> Kemper Kabinet

    I have two of these Bose A1 amps so I could run stereo if so moved


    KEMPER Kabinet

    Height 42 cm (16.54 inches)

    Width 51 cm (23.62 inches)

    Depth 23 cm (9.06 inches)

    Weight 11,30 kg (24.91 pounds)

    Power Handling 200W rms

    Impedance 4 ohms

    Frequency Range 50 - 10.000 Hzac

    KEMPER Kone


    30.5 cm (12 inches)

    Weight 3,90 kg (8.60 pounds)

    Power Handling 200W rms

    Impedance 4 ohms

    Frequency Range 50 - 10.000 Hz

    Cut-out-diameter 28,3 cm (11,14 inches)

    I wonder if I could install the Kemper Kones in these cabinets

    EV M-12G (note, these are sealed wedge type stage monitors)

    Do you think I can swap in the Kemper Kones in these cabinets replacing the EVM 12L drivers?

    The cabinets have EVM 12L Series II drivers installed.

    Bolt Circle Diameter 294 mm (11.56 in.)
    Mounting Hole Diameter (eight evenly spaced holes) 7.1 mm (0.28 in.)-letter "L" drill
  • ST what a great idea using the Bose A1 packlite amp. It’s 250w at 4ohms.

    Hi drog,

    Yes, I've run the Profiler monitor out to the Bose A1 Packlite to a Trace Elliot 12x1 Open back cab with a Celestion G12 Classic Lead 80 (16 ohms). This sounded good to me - not super loud, but loud enough for a monitor.

    I just resurrected a MosValve 500 and run it with two EV M-12G (note, these are sealed wedge type stage monitors I mentioned above), but that's over 90 pounds (41 kg) total weight. Too much to haul around. That's why I'm thinking about putting the Kemper Kones in the EV enclosures and using two of the little amps (6 pounds for two, instead of 31 pounds for the MosValve 500).

  • Only from Kemper eh? Not a chance Sweetwater or Zzounds will sell these like hotcakes? Shame...

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... :D Kemper/Helix user