ToneJunkie COMP slot A

  • The Tone Junkie profiles are very beautiful and they are the ones I like the most. :thumbup:

    but the fact of putting the compressor in block A often does not understand it: Often the sound is "squash" and there is so much difference between low gain and high gain profiles, ed actually removing it you have a different rendering of the profile (even with the mix at 0% the sound changes with the compressor)

    having said that, did you also find this?

  • I have noticed this also. I generally turn off all effects to get a base sound and then add FX to taste. Having them already on when the profile is loaded, I have to go disable them and then re-store the profile. I usually run a Keeley compressor in front of the kemper if I want any compression.

    I love their profiles. They are my all time favorites, it's just more of a repetition thing.

  • Noticed both as well. I actually only buy profiles for the stack, the rest of the rig will always be disgarded: I make a clean profile with only the amp stack I like and store that in the Kemper. I can dial in my own effects, thank you very much ;-).

    However: I have a commercial compressor preset I use: that of MBritt. As far as I know his comp settings are consistent in the profiles and are more subtle than TJ. I read somewhere that he knows his compressorstuff and that kind of stuck with me, autority arguments sometimes Work. Anyway: I only use it for sustain in lead presets and clean squash for single notes