Kemper Profiler Stage OS errors, noise/buzz, screen, footswitches

  • My Conclusion about Kemper Profiler Stage, in 2 months of testing days.

    Unreliable product for live situations, too many problems:

    Noise/buzz on Master Output and Monitor Out Dry (clean rigs) with DiMarzio noiseless pickups, freeze OS, foot switches does not work properly.

    Almost weekly I discover new problems :cursing:

    Too risky to use at work. I still rely on the old Boss GT-100, or Fractal Ax8 ;)

    Unfortunately the 30 days of return passed. I was stuck with this product, and I hope that the next updates will solve the problems, or maybe the warranty. I want my money back.

    We are ... just testers :cursing:

  • Hmm really? I've gigged with the Stage just fine.

    And side by side with my Powerhead there wasn’t any more noise.

    Have you worked with support specifically?

    Hello, it's just my opinion, you don't have to agree with it. Maybe I have a defective Kemper Stage copy unit, the date of manufacture was confirmed for August 2019. Regarding the problems reported, I opened ticket after ticket.

  • Hmm really? I've gigged with the Stage just fine.

    And side by side with my Powerhead there wasn’t any more noise.

    Have you worked with support specifically?

    Listen this Cubase project, and we talk about it later :| ......guitar directly into the sound card, then through Kemper Stage

    Ticket ##KA00184481

    "I have a concern that I did not find an answer on the Kemper Forum or the Kemper Stage manual.

    Step 1

    Every time I record with any Rig, I have a fairly pronounced buzz/noise. Unlike from my home studio.... where I only played at a minim volume on monitors/speakers, I realized it this problems, at a normal volume in FOH, in the band tests, also in my in-ear, a few days ago.

    I tried all the settings, whatever I do, I can not get rid of that buzz/noise, even on a empty/clean Rig.

    Then step 2 I tried to record the dry sound through the Monitor Out, also I have a pronounced buzz/noise. Compared to the first recorded track, guitar directly in the sound card Focusrite.

    Therefore I did a Cubase 32 float project, I recorded with a Focusrite 3rd, with a Fender DiMarzio Area (hum canceling) and I noted each track separately.

    I have attached below attached the project and the pictures with settings."

  • So, was your case investigated by support?

    What’s the cause of the buzz?

    Yes, I'm still waiting for an answer.

    But the essence of my posting has nothing to do with it. This is strictly a personal opinion about this premium product, Kemper Stage, after a two-month analysis, after a comparison with products such as Boss GT-100, which for years has not been blocked operating system, it has no problems with the foot switches...etc, Boss GT-100 it is actually a product you can rely on live, compared to Kemper Stage.

    I don't want to get into controversy with you. :)

    I am glad that in your case the Kemper Stage works at the normal parameters, but if you do a search on this forum or on Facebook, you will see that there are many users of Kemper Stage who report the same problems as me, is it a coincidence?! (I don't think so), or it would be easier to recognize that this product, Kemper Stage was not properly tested before being put up for sale, and we, the buyers, do these tests on our own money. <X

  • I absolutely love Kemper and everything from their products to their business model...

    But it is completely true that the Stage was a product not enough developed or tested to be put in production. Too many failures both in the hardware and in the software.

    Maybe now (6 months after the release of the product) we are approaching the point where a new Stage bought from the company directly is not so likely to fail miserably. But in the beginning so many of them had problems. Too many of them.

    Let's do a favor to this company that so many of us love, and acknowledge this fact. So they don't make a big mistake like this again.

  • My interest is not to denigrate this company, I present only a fact.

    When I pay for a product, I expect it to work at 100% .

    What it would mean to travel by car or an airplane, which generates errors.

  • I will come back with news after receiving the next copy of Kemper Stage


    "Helge Schellbach @ Kemper Amps Support

    i assume that the Profiler has a hardware issue.

    The Profiler needs to be exchanged.

    Please contact your dealer so he can start the return procedure for you. We will take care that you receive a working unit as soon as possible.

    With best regards, Helge Schellbach"