Kemper+AxeFx 3=...?

  • By accident and because of a video in Youtube, I saw someone (Music With Marky) comparing his Axe Fx3 with the Kemper, and everyone told that Axe Fx3 had better sound and indeed had a better sound. So two nights after, as I was recording a song in my daw with Kemper and I took a brake watching Youtube, the same video of the guy above ( Music With Marky) came up and I thought, lets try to match his AxeFx3 but with my Kemper. So i was trying to find the "amps" that he was using. I opened Rig Manager and I was searching to find the Splawn Nitro "amp". I found a rig called Axe II Nitro by someone "firepile", I chose this profile and this was a revelation to me. My kemper had this same beautiful dry sound like the new Axe Fx3, my Kemper could be a Kemper and an Axe Fx 3 at the same time. I loved my Kemper's sound but to be honest I was a little jealous about this dry sound that Axe Fx3 had. So now i have nothing to jealous...the only problem is that I need someone to make a lot of profiles from his Axe Fx3.Kemper+axeFx3 (splawn nitro)...this is a riff that I made so you can hear my Kemper playing like Axe Fx.. is there anyone that have both units and can make some profiles from his Axe Fx 3??This man-author "firepile" has made some beautiful profiles from his AxeFx...anyone else???