Advice re. alternative foot controller (e.g. Behringer FCB1010) and putting a chip in it

  • Hi,

    Have been researching options for a cheaper alternative to the Kemper Remote, and it looks like the Behringer FCB1010 would be the best choice - enough foot-switches to mirror most of the functions on the Remote, plus two expression pedals.

    Are there any other products I should look at (that also have at least one expression pedal), or is this definitely the best alternative controller?

    Also, I've seen there are chips made for it such as "UnO4Kemper" which automatically set it up to mirror the Remote's functions. Are these worth it, or can you get the same functions by just programming the FCB1010's midi signals? And if the latter, is there information easily available to figure out what midi signals you need to assign to each switch/pedal?


  • You could use basically any universal MIDI foot controller.

    The original Behringer FCB1010 has the limitation of memorizing just 100 presets. A chip tuning like Uno4Kemper overcomes that limitation, established 2-way communication and limits the amount of programming needed significantly. And it's cheap. From my perspective a no brainer. I would decide between Uno4Kemper and Eureka chip-tuning.

  • I used to run a FCB1010 with a chip. You'll need 2 x midi cable for communication, and an electrical supply to power it! I found it a bit temperamental, and 'clunky' (its heavy). If you can afford it, go the extra mile and get the remote!

  • Thing is I need the expression pedal(s) more than anything right now, as I want wah-wah capability! And if I get this, plus remote, it adds up - as I've just forked out for the Kemper itself, and investing in a few rig packs, my budget is kind of shot for now...

    On the other hand, as I'm mainly using the Kemper for recording, there are only two things I REALLY need a controller for, one being wah-wah, the other being the ability to use the looper (which would come in very handy while tweaking settings, and I don't think can be accessed without footswitches?) - it would also of course be nice to change thru favourite profiles/fx with feet, but that's more of a luxury as I'll be multi-tracking different sounds anyway.

    So I suppose I could just get an expression pedal for now, and plan to invest in remote later... Hmmm... will do some more research on the chips before deciding - or is one generally considered better than the other?

  • and I wonder if a simple 2-switch pedal would be enough to use the looper??

    I've wondered the same, (just for couriosity, honestly I 've never had the need to use the Looper) and I saw that the assignable functions to the 2-switch pedal (pages 6 and 7 of System setting Menu) are 3:

    Looper Start, Looper Stop, Looper Mode.

    So I've tried and it is Possible to use it, but you may need two Dual switch pedals to have also the Mode Option.

    I'm useing 2 Behringer FS112BX (same as FS 112V just black) they Work

  • Thanks for replies - just to conclude, I've decided for now to just buy a 2 button footswitch (costs only £15!) and modify an old (faulty) wah for an expression pedal. This will give me all the functionality I absolutely need for now - ability to use looper (so can fine tune settings more easily!) and use wah/pitchshift etc.

    If I decided at some point I want more controls at my feet (or if I start using it live, in which case I'll need more) will revisit this thread!