KPA + In Ear Monitor Questions

  • In Ear Monitor Users: How do you connect your in ears to your Kemper?

    Currently I connect via the headphone output. I've been doing it this way for quite a while now iirc because the 'Space' parameter doesn't apply to the Monitor out(s) & it sounds more 'realistic' to me with Space. What I don't like, however, is that the headphone out uses the same master EQ as the mains out. I would really like the ability to EQ what's going to my ears differently from what I'm sending to FOH.

    2) - I have my monitor feed (mono) running into my Kemper via the Aux In, which I then blend with the guitar in the Kemper and output directly to my in-ear receiver which is mounted in the same rack with my Kemper. I don't have my Kemper at home with me as 1) there's no space here for it (one room condo) and 2) it lives in the band's gear truck in a shock mount rack. If I switch my in ears to the Monitor outs on the Kemper and apply different EQing using the Monitor EQ, will that EO also affect the feed coming in through the Aux In > Monitor?

    3) Is there a way to get the Space effect into my Monitor out without occupying one of my effect slots in my profiles?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • i send the L and R signal to our snake splitter that then goes into our X32, routed to my IEM rig. I alter the monitor bus of my feed for my eq. The main bus is used for when we run sound for our own gigs, so i dont touch that until im in that room. I prefer to have it mounted with the mixer so i can have an actual IEM mix and not just only my guitar.

  • Left and right jack outs to interface, while XLR go to foh. We then run our own monitoring through Pro Tool on a laptop and it is a super quick setup for gigs or rehearsal.