Carol Ann OD2 - 6L6 Clean Profile Uploaded to Rig Exchange

  • Hi,

    I did an amp-only profile of my Carol Ann's clean and thought I would share - John Mayer-ish cleans.

    It's on the rig exchange.

    OD2-100 CLEAN - 2020-02-01 13-29-23

    Anyone know of a rig with a great EVM12L I can 'steal'?



    PRS Custom 22's - Fender Strats - Diezel VH4 - Carol Ann OD2 - Toneking Imperial MK2 - Colin the Kemper - CLR Neo ii.

  • Greg, I recently profiled my Carol Ann Satin 50 with my Stephenson 1x12 cab loaded with an EV M12L. You could try that out, not sure how great my profiles are, as I've never done it before, but you can search for Satin 50 in the Rig Exchange and they should come up. FYI, the "HB" and "SC" designations mean humbucker and single coil, while the "KM" designations were done with my Kingsley Minstrel OD pedal. Hope that helps.