Got a laptop: Guitar plugin recommendations

  • I just bought a laptop that I primarily intend to use in conjunction with my Kemper as the synth side of my rig, as well as to automate my band performances.

    I would like to be able to just carry it along as my entire guitar rig as well on some days, after all a laptop is much smaller and handier than the Kemper.

    What plugins would you recommend? Is there anyway I can change patches on my machine without having to manually do it by keypress?

    Kind of leaning towards the Neural stuff, but I may just use LePou's 5150 (?) emulation. That one is free and kickass.

  • I had very good results with NadIR IR/cabinet solution plus Ignite Amps Emissary. Great combination for rock and heavy stuff.

    Le Pou has great stuff as well as you already mentioned. Like the Recto plugin a lot.

  • Hi

    Depend of your music taste and budget.

    In my opinion for low budget the best are Neural DSP plugins Plini and Holly.

    The best for metal sounds for sure THU with great versatility with IR loader and Profiled Amp.

    For great sound on clean and overdrive my prefer is Amplitube 4.

    Ignite plugin for free are the best and you can start with them but for play

    with them need of Daw: the others are stand alone.

    Don't forget a good audio card ...Scarlett could be a good choice.

    PS: Ops! I was forgetting Peavy Revalver : good sounds, IR loader, low price and you can insert any plugin you like on this stand alone!