Monitor, speaker, cab recommendation.

  • The 112 came in this afternoon. Haven't used it in a rehearsal setting, but just in my room a quick loudness test felt like it had the headroom and driver excursion to kill anyone within 100 feet. I've also adjusted the HPF on all of my rigs to have a bit friendlier low end. We'll see how things go next week. I'm cautiously optimistic. (Of course the drummer threatened to bring in his full-sized kit to keep up.)

    Wanted to close the loop on this for those following along at home. Had a full rehearsal yesterday -- last week's ended after 2.5 songs because the drummer broke his bass drum head... I mentioned he was loud -- and the 112 handled it well. I had tamed my performances a bit which
    helped matters I'm sure, but I still have some meaty low end that didn't put the 112 in the same kind of distress the 108 had. Had the Headrush at about 12 o'clock and the Kemper at about 1 o'clock.

    Put it this way: I came home and finally put the Headrush boxes out in the recycling bin.