Looping function while browsing profiles

  • Hi all

    I have a KPA head. No Remote.

    I've see the official tutorial where the Loop function is explained, but it uses the Remote Controller.

    I wonder if the KPA allows to record a short clip, put it in loop, then browse different profiles and performances. I'd use this to audition different amps and cabs, without having to play the guitar. In other words, can the Loop function be used only if you have the Remote Controller?

    Is it possible to record a short clip and put in playback, if you only have the KPA head?

    If the answer is NO, do I need a looper pedal like the Digitech Jam Man XT or the Boss RC3?

    Thanks a lot

  • you are able to assign the Looper Mode, Looper start and Looper Stop function to 3 external foot switches to use the Lopper but you are not able to see the Looper bar and other Looper information in the display.

    I would recommend to use the Remote if you need the Looper

  • Regular momentary footswitches work fine. But keep in mind - in normal mode there are only 30 seconds of loop time. Half speed is 60.

    I'd suggest getting a used TC Electronic Ditto in your case.

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  • Just to say that, by chance, I discovered a pedal that seems made just for me.


    Unlike the TC Ditto, Digitech JamMan, Boss RC-1 and loopers in general, this thing doesn't do overdub when pressing the footswitch. It closes the recording, and the pedal is ready to record a new phrase.

    I'm using it since a couple of days, and I'm very happy! I can browse profiles, as well as tweak FX parameters (delay, modulations, reverbs, compressors, and so on...) by pressing the Play button. Instead of tweaking a single parameter, playing, recording my phrase, listening to the new recorded track, then tweaking again,playing again, etc...till I'm satisfied with my tone, with this tiny metal box I can tweaking multiple parameters and amp profiles at time while listening my phrase.

    It's like having a guitarist close to you: you can concentrate at 100% on your tone!!

    Very time-saving!!

    With the advantage that the differences you're hearing beween two tracks, are not due to your playing, but only to different amp profile, power sagging, pick, definition, speed, rate, feedback, pre-delay, and so on, becase you're recording EXACTLY the same phrase/riff played continuously through different Kemper parameters.

  • To answer part of your question, yes, you can record a loop and use it to audition rigs. All you need to do is find the settings page for the looper and switch it's position b/w pre and post. I forget which one you need to choose but it's easy to figure out by trial and error.